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Painless Fantastic Four Full Movie Secrets - The Basics

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Filmmaker Josh Trank will direct "The Fantastic Four" from your screenplay published by newcomer Jeremy Slater, with revisions by Seth Grahame-Smith. Trank recently made his film directorial debut with all the Twentieth Century Fox feature film "Chronicle", that was made on the $12 million budget and raked in over $127 million in the box office. Two-time BAFTA Awards nominee Matthew Vaughn will produce "The Fantastic Four" beneath the banner of his company Marv Films. Kevin Feige will oversee production for Marvel Studios. 20th Century Fox Film Corporation will handle worldwide distribution.

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Fantastic Four (June 2005) who will forget this option, Fantastic 4 is usually a series that each and every kid has watched as part of his or her child hood. The story starts with 4 astronauts who travel beyond space and on account of some major difficulties they go back to earth but on their own return they can be gifted with individual with 4 super natural powers. Mr. Fantastic (who's the opportunity to stretch to the size possible), the invisible girl (Who is gifted with 2 powers the shield plus the power of invisibility), Human torch (who's got to be able to fly and have himself racing when he wants) along with the last member is Thing (who's going to be really strong and is particularly made from rock material). There is often a sequel for this move once they battle evil and save the earth. The second part The Rise on the Silver Surfer was already released throughout the year 2007.

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