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The Latest On Vital Factors Of Fantastic Four Full Movie

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Marvel comics is stopping production around the title that launched the silver era of comics. During New York Comic-Con last weekend, Marvel announced how they could be ceasing manufacture of the "Fantastic Four" distinct books. This marks the tip of Marvel's first superhero family which debuted in 1961. The timing on the series' cancellation could be caused by poor sales that the Fantastic Four have always struggled with when compared with other Marvel's other flagship titles like Spider-Man and X-Men. Even though book sales have reached a small point, you have to wonder about the implications that this axing on the comic should have on 20th Century Fox's upcoming 2015 Fantastic Four reboot film.

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What makes this latest cancellation more intriguing could be the believed that Marvel is ending the 'Fantastic Four' to spite 20th Century Fox who supports the movie rights for the characters in addition to their respective universe. Fox recently announced a lackluster cast and new direction for his or her 'Fantastic Four' movies and fans in the franchise went from rage to apathy because the movie looks to getting nothing that resembles the books in addition to names.

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