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Blue Star Multimedia has recently become partners with the large real estate development company known as Pulte Home Group. This parent company is responsible for the operations and development of well-known companies like Centex, Putle and DelWebb Homes. This has been an exciting relationship for the two companies and has led to an increase in sales and profits for both. This marks the largest contract ever awarded to Blue Star Multimedia, and a new, very successful, form of Video Production for the Pulte Home Group.

How Did This Partnership Arise?

The Pulte Home Group first became aware of Blue Star Multimedia from their optimized search engine optimization tools material on YouTube, and they sought to form a working relationship with the digital media firm immediately. A trial period was conducted, and after its overwhelming success, a permanent contract was awarded. Blue Star Media is the only digital media firm that Pulte uses in the Northeastern part of the country, and they provide a range of impressive services and informational videos to the Pulte Home Group.

What Types of Videos are Being Produced?

There are several different styles of videos that Blue Star Multimedia is creating for the real estate company. The following types of videos have proven to be the most popular and successful in selling homes:

Quick Move In. These videos are made to display homes that are currently available for people to move into directly. These homes are walk-in ready and fully completed both inside and out.

Planned Tour. Planned Tour videos are made for potential buyers who may want to design and build their own home from scratch. These videos show model homes and give people an idea of what different features are available from Pulte Home Group and how they will look once constructed.

Lifestyle. These videos show the community amenities in the neighborhoods, including pools, tennis courts and clubhouses.

Community. Community videos show daily life for residents in the area and focus on social engagements.

How Successful is This Partnership?

So far, the impressive videos designed and created by the Creative Agency have resulted in thousands of home sales for the Pulte Home Group. By offering such a unique and impressive angle on the real estate and surrounding areas, potential homebuyers can�t help but be attracted to the properties. Only around one hundred videos have been produced so far and are responsible for an incredible amount of sales already.

The new partnership between Blue Star Multimedia and Pulte Home Group is a very exciting move for both companies involved. This is the largest contract Blue Star has received, and Pulte is already seeing an increase in sales due to their new Video Production NJ. It appears that this partnership is a perfect match and will benefit both companies overall.

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