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The web has helped bring some of the best and worst design ideas to light. Some small businesses in the country just do not get it. A bad sign is worse than no sign at all. Now, some of these signs are obviously counter-productive. How about the ones that seem acceptable but are anything but? Below are some sign ideas that continue to happen because they are deceptive in their look. Unfortunately, they do not work all that well in capturing attention and driving people to the store.


Coldplay wrote about the great effects of the color yellow back in 2000, and everyone jumped on board. Yellow is an attention-grabber by default. It is a common color for street signs. Many small signs come in yellow. It is vibrant, and it sticks out because very few things around it are of the same color. Unfortunately, the same attributes that make yellow apparently great for business signs also come to bring it down. A great yellow business sign can easily be mistaken for a street sign, especially if it is smaller. Yellow is grossly overused to the point where it almost blends in with the noise, colors, and brightness of street signage.

When using yellow, try to keep it a part of the sign and not the whole point. for sale signs manages to deliver balanced signs that can capture the right kind of attention without just fitting into the void of outdoor signage noise.

Humor without a Hook

Humor is a fantastic way to make best use of Outdoor Business Signs. Many businesses may opt for a simple logo and business name. Humor goes above and beyond. The problem is that a lot of humor is used without a purpose or hook. The joke lands, but what business is this? People will remember the joke, but they are not sure if the company who made it was selling shoes or pool supplies. The joke should tie with the brand. It should also have the company obviously displayed. It is not easy to achieve, which is why many people just avoid it entirely. Incorporate it smart, and get the town talking.

Business Signs can be very bad, of course. Some of the best designs could really deliver some serious foot traffic to a business. Do not tell the neighboring businesses that the above ideas do not work too well. Keep the competition light and working backwards, and find outdoor signs that truly work.

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