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When the doctor breaks the news that a patient has high LDL cholesterol levels, odds are that a prescription is about to be written. The thing is some people prefer to go with cholesterol supplements instead. There are quite a few reasons why someone would want to try a supplement or two before giving in and natural remedies for cholesterol filling that prescription. Here are a few examples.

Uneasy About Side Effects

One of the main reasons to consider supplements in place of prescription medication is the range of side effects associated with certain medicines. Depending on how the individual reacts to the medication, those side effects can make it hard to function during the day or get a reasonable amount of recuperative sleep at night. That is not a big deal for someone who can afford to stay home and leave essential tasks to others. People who must work for a living and have children to care for do not have that luxury. If a cholesterol supplement will provide the desired result without side effects, why not go that route?

The Cost

While many cholesterol medications are available in generic form, others are only marketed under a name brand. Given that many health insurance providers pick up less of the tab for name brands, the prescription could mean spending a lot of money out of pocket. For those who simply do not have the cash, seeking if some sort of supplement would do the trick at half the cost is a wise move. All it would take is reading a Choleslo review to decide if trying this route first makes sense from both a health and a financial perspective.

The Interactions

Not all the concerns about prescription medication focus on how to pay for them or what sort of side effects they may produce. There is also the matter of whether the medication will adversely interact with something else the patient is already taking. Whether the interaction serves to weaken the benefits derived from one or both medicines or magnifies the effect of one to an unsafe level, it pays to ask questions before taking anything. What the patient may find is that the cholesterol medicine could very well prevent another medicine from doing the job properly where a supplement would help lower LDL cholesterol and not interfere with the other medicine at all.

Before making any decision, it pays to visit CholesloReview and see what a supplement can do. With the right mix of ingredients along with a healthy diet and some exercise, those numbers could be back under control in no time.

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