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People often decide to move to Florida for the warmer weather or for the large number of retirement communities. If you've got kids and want to make this move, there are a couple places that may be particularly attractive to live. The best place for you will depend on the preferences of your family, such as whether you prefer to be right by the beach or more inland, how much you want to be able to walk where you're going instead of driving and whether you enjoy theme parks or other attractions.

Check out the homes for sale if you'd like to live in more of a community setting, as this is more of a planned community associated with Disney. It's meant to be walkable and have real downtown areas and lots of public spaces, unlike many suburbs of heavily populated cities in Florida. There's something for everyone in this community, with baseball, softball, flag football, Pop Warner football, soccer and girls lacrosse teams as well as martial arts, dance and gymnastics classes. There are parks and a pool, Irish dance classes, a boccie court and a number of meeting rooms and halls where you can plan events. It's got good schools as well. And for those who want to visit the theme parks from time to time, they'll still be pretty close to home if you live in Celebration.

For those who love visiting the theme parks and don't care as much about being able to walk most places in the neighborhood, you may want to consider the homes for sale in kissimmee fl. It's near many of the major roadways, which makes it convenient for people who are commuting to other places in Florida. However, commutes can be long as all the tourists in the area increase the traffic. Here you'll find Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Don't worry, there's plenty of fun activities for adults as well as kids, including golf courses, nightlife, festivals and restaurants. You can take a hot air balloon ride or an airboat ride to see alligators. Those who love to be out and about in nature can hike one of the many hiking trails or go fishing or camping. Another benefit of living in Kissimmee is that it has a lower-than-average cost of living for Florida, and the homes are somewhat less expensive than average.

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