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Many people find that they need the help of a wheelchair or scooter either permanently or for a short length of time. There are several different ada ramp that can help people in any type of situation. Ramps can be portable or permanently installed, and rentals are also available.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps

Threshold Ramps. Threshold ramps are designed to allow scooters and wheelchairs to have an easier accessing stairs, doorways, curbs and other types of raised flooring. They are usually quite small and easy to transport, but they are able to withstand up to 1000 lbs. worth of weight at one time. They are also much less expensive than full ramps, which makes them a great option for many.

Residential Ramps. Wheelchair ramps can be built to meet any type of residential need. Ramps can be made narrow for regular wheelchairs, or they can be wide enough to accommodate a motorized scooter. Most homes have doorways that can accommodate wheelchair ramps for home, and ramps can help to improve the quality of life of residents who have mobility issues.

Portable Ramps. Some ramps are created with lightweight materials that make them a perfect choice for anyone who needs wheelchair access on the go. They can be used during traveling or normal daily errands, and they can be used on a variety of different types of terrain. Portable ramps are often able to fit into a van or other vehicle, and they usually fold flat for easier storage and transportation.

Wheelchair Ramp Purchases vs Rentals

Some people know that they will need a wheelchair ramp permanently and that they will live in the same home long-term. For these people, purchasing their own residential wheelchair ramp may be the best choice. Many companies will offer payment plans to ramp purchasers to help people afford the ramp that is right for them. However, in some cases, people only have a short-term need for a ramp.

Wheelchair ramps can be rented for even short periods of time, so that any type of need will be met. If someone has a disabled relative coming for a visit or as a guest at a special event, a ramp can be rented for even just a few days. Wheel Chair Ramp Rentals are also a great option for those recovering from surgery or another medical condition but do not expect to require the use of a wheelchair long term.

When circumstances arise that require someone to use a mobility aid, they may have trouble accessing their home or other areas. Luckily, wheelchair ramps are available to help with these issues, and they are available in wide range of styles. Ramps can be permanently installed, portable or rented, so that any type of individual need is met.

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