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Imagine the roads of the world with no markings - just dirt, blacktop, or concrete. What a mess it would be with drivers each having their own ideas about what was the center of the road and which lane they needed to be in. On rainy days and nights, there would be nothing to make the dimensions of the road clear. Car accidents would be far more commonplace as cars competed for unmarked road space. Luckily, there are uniform line painting machine on roads and highways all over the world. There are companies that manufacture road marking solutions for many different uses and conditions.

Companies such as Hitex International have many divisions to supply the world's road building and maintaining contractors with everything they need for proper road marking in all types of conditions. These companies not only manufacture the thermoplastic road marking solutions and the equipment to apply them, they also have the personnel to train equipment operators. There are companies who supply the chemical coatings and rent or contract the equipment needed to apply them. This way, a contractor does not have to buy the expensive equipment for one small road marking job. Large road contractors around the world can purchase the needed equipment and have their own operators trained in its correct operation. A road building contractor can enlarge his business by having the equipment and operators to do road marking on his projects and all the existing local roads and highways.

This is not a one-solution-fits-all type of situation. There need to be different pavement marking solutions for different climates and use conditions. To meet these varying needs, manufacturers of marking solutions have developed products that are reflective, non-reflective, glow in the dark, dimensional, and raised for special needs. Dimensional and raised marking solutions are applied by special machinery to present a permanently raised surface that will attract the attention of drivers crossing lane lines or needing to slow down.

Reflective and glow in the dark markings are meant for greater driver visibility in rain or at night. Some coatings are designed for use in especially hot or cold climates. There are marking solutions designed to be applied over old worn markings to bring them back up to standard. The drivers around the world may not really notice all of the safety markings on the world's highways and streets, but they follow them and are kept safer by the markings being there. It is important that the coatings to be of high quality and durable so they last longer and stay more visible to drivers. For more information, check out the website.

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