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The old real estate motto, "Location, location, location" is just as true when it refers to websites. In the physical world, if a business has outbid their competitors and landed the best location in the city, they can move in, post the "Grand Opening" sign and seo specialists life is good. In the digital world, it's still necessary to outsmart the competition to achieve that prime #1 spot on the search engine results page, but one morning the owner may pull into the parking lot and discover a competitor has moved in.

The Importance of Being a Leader

That #1, #2 or #3 location on the search engine results page really matters. When searchers type a search term into their browser, 60% will click on one of the top 3 organic (unpaid) results. The remaining 40% of the searchers will click on one of the remaining 6-8 links; a few will check out the listings on the second page. Being on the second page for a good keyword is like finishing the race in 4th place. Being on the third page is like quitting the race halfway through to go get a hot dog.

Mobile Matters

The internet changes faster than Google can think up changes to their algorithms, those factors that are used to rank a website. In April, 2015, Google rolled out their long-awaited mobile updates to their algorithm, giving extra credit to sites that were user-friendly on smart phones and penalizing sites that were not. This update simply recognized the fact that consumers do most of their shopping research on their phones.

Many people were expecting dramatic changes in website rankings, but the changes were less than anticipated. This was probably because websites were already mobile-friendly - or were not - prior to the update. While mobile optimization became more important to Google, well-managed websites had already recognized the importance of mobile to their businesses and made all the necessary changes.

Anticipate Change

The point is that websites need to anticipate change as well as respond to change. Businesses whose customer base extends beyond their local geographic area might notice a big slump in traffic one day and discover that their hard-won top rankings had been taken over by a new competitor. Investigation might reveal that the new site was using many of the same keywords, closely resembled their own site and appeared to be based in India.

Anticipate that the competition, wherever it comes from, is always looking for a way to move into prime digital locations. A website is never finished. Content needs to be fresh and relevant, social media needs to work for the target demographic, the site needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Infinite Reach Marketing Agency is a digital marketing agency in the phoenix area. This seo company in phoenix understands how to incorporate strong seo and social into an overall marketing strategy that delivers conversions. After all, the whole point of obtaining and holding onto that prime digital real estate is to make money.

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