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While everyone has gas, some are effected worse by it. Several individuals experience gas that is accompanied by severe pain and stomachaches. When this is the case, treatments need to be sought out to reduce the pain and stomach gas pain get the gas taken care of. With the help of these four tips for reducing gas and the discomfort associated with it, individuals can find a way to eliminate their pain and go about their daily lives.

Monitor Food Intake

The types of food people eat play a major role in the amount of gas they are experiencing. Some foods are harder to digest, and cause the unwanted cause. Individuals can carefully monitor which foods they are eating that make them have more gas that day, and eliminate those particular meals from their diet, or eat smaller amounts of it in the future. Soda is one common culprit, along with beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and whole wheat.

Drink Tea

Several forms of tea are good for calming nerves and soothing stomachs. This means drinking it can reduce the pain sometimes felt from excessive gas. Teas like peppermint and chamomile are the best to brew.

Take an Over-the-Counter Gas Reliever

Gas relievers can be found in most stores. These products help to break down the foods that can not be digested easily. If the excessive gas is caused by a lactose intolerance, then specialized lactase tablets can be used instead.

Incorporate Probiotics into the Diet

There are probiotics for gas pain that people can take. These supplements work to provide healthy bacteria that can fight off bad bacteria in the body's system. When food is not properly digested through the small colon, a bacteria is formed that causes gas. A probiotics treatment for gas works to reduce that bacteria, which in turn reduces the amount of gas an individual is experiencing. It essentially works to balance the system. Probiotics can be taken as supplements, as well as found in certain foods, such as yogurt.

Not all methods will work for everyone. There may only be one or two that works for some people, while the other one or two options work for others. No matter which method is chosen, individuals experiencing gas pain will be glad to be rid of the discomfort they have been feeling. People experiencing excessive gas and pain associated with it can visit the howtostopfarting website to find out more about probiotics and how they can help.

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