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Although the company's highly capable offerings dominate the rental market in many areas, not everyone finds that a versalift bucket truck rental makes the most sense, in the end. In fact, Altec has quite a bit to offer, too, especially in the 100ft bucket truck rental class that is more lightly populated by Versalift vehicles.

Among many of those who rent aerial bucket trucks of this working height today, for example, the Altec 703K gets strong reviews. Resting upon the Freightliner FL80 platform, the 703K boasts a full 98 feet of total working height, putting it near to the top of the charts in this respect. It scores similarly highly in others, too, with a maximum jib load of 1,000 pounds that makes it equal to just about any kind of work asked of trucks in this class.

Another Altec lift, the AC35-127S, is at least as highly regarded among those who regularly seek out and operate eti bucket trucks of this general class. Often mated to a Sterling LT9501 platform, the lift extends to nearly 140 feet in stock configuration. With the addition of a side-stowing extension jib, that figure rises to over 170 feet, making the AC35-127S one of the most capable trucks of all in this respect.

Thought of by some as the little brother to the lift that powers the 703K, the Altec A77-TE93 is another good option for those who need working heights in the 100 foot range. Once again, a Freightliner carriage is most often used to provide mobility, and this reliable platform rarely lets users down.

With a spacious two-man platform that is quite a bit larger than that of many competitors, the Altec A77-TE93 can be a great choice for jobs where more than a single pair of hands will be needed. Although this particular Altec does not have the most fully featured of platform-mounted control consoles, most users do find that it offers enough in the way of capability to get the job done.

Whether for an everday truck of impressive working height or a specialized vehicle designed to lift heavy loads to high-up places, Altec has quite a bit to offer to those looking for a little more from a bucket truck, then. Even if many renters tend to incline toward Versalift's offerings from the outset, most who look further into the situation find that Altec has at least as much to boast of.

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