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About me

A computer can be used to hack the cloud or watch Duck Dynasty. It is incredibly complex, and it can be used to compute some of the most staggering equations. The connectivity of the circuitry is an incredible display of modern technology. A computer user can hack an Internet network, but they can also play pong all day long. Ultimately, the computer is only as advanced as the user wants to make it. Drupal does not have to be more complicated than the developers want it to be. Drupal can be the equivalent of pong on a black and white screen. All the fluff is removed, and what stands is a very core idea that is deceptively simple.

The Module System, 25,000 Strong

Drupal�s brevity and scale are derived from its structural design. It is designed with modules. Drupal can theoretically have no modules, which is where the pong comparison comes in. it can also have thousands of modules that build an extremely complex web of functions. There are about 45 categories of modules, with roughly 200 subcategories, that further extend them. In all, there are an estimated 25,000 various modules in the Drupal network, with new ones being designed every day by affordable web design. Some are completely free, while others must be paid for.

Categories of Modules

Out of all the categories, some are more common than others. E-commerce is extremely useful. It helps users develop a shopping cart in various forms and functionalities. It can include a PDF review, a downloadable receipt, and social media integration through share button toggles. Another popular category is games. Games can serve a legitimate purpose, such as the use of a quiz to collect data. Many of these games are shared in social media. That is where all those �which character are you?� quizzes come from. A few more categories include translation, path management, search, and web page URL hierarchy.

Files are often uploaded to a website for cloud or SASS storage. Export and import features embody some of the more complex areas of drupal services. With the right modules, users can migrate content to new server spaces, bundle downloads into packages, and supply feeds with downloadable files.

The Webmaster Centre is the Drupal powerhouse. Their official website at webmastercentre. highlights the best of Drupal. From the very simple Drupal display page module to the Drupal import schematics and backend code, Drupal is as complex as it needs to be at the time.

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