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Just like everything else in the sphere of technology, the world of digital marketing changes quickly. Marketing approaches that were widespread five years ago have since become entirely obsolete, with some of these tactics even being counterproductive at this point. This means that those who commit to delivering marketing results to their companies or clients have no choice but to keep up with the state of the art, something that can seem hard to do, especially given how tight-lipped some marketers seem about their work.

Learning the latest product marketing, though, is actually fairly easy for those who know where to look. More than one high-profile Digital Marketing Conference, for example, puts attendees at the feet of teachers who have mastered their art, quickly giving those who show up a feel for just how the world of marketing has changed and continues to do so.

One recent Digital Marketing Conference, for example, took those who attended on a whirlwind tour of the history and current status of search engine optimization. This fundamental digital marketing technique can be used to improve the search engine results placement of any company's website and is an important tactic for just about every digital marketer. It is easy to understand why, too, given the statistics: With over 80% of all search engine clicks landing on the very first page of results, falling lower down in the rankings can quickly become painful.

As speakers at the conference pointed out, though, SEO tactics that used to be the bread and butter of the average marketer no longer work at all. With search providers like Google becoming better and better about identifying and countering those strategies that do not produce a high-quality experience for visitors, new ways of improving search placement have instead become required.

Of course, even knowing what the most effective tactics are at a given time is no guarantee of success, either. The Importance of Marketing Strategy, always a major issue, is greater now than at any time in the past, giving marketers something else to think about.

Staying on top of the world of digital marketing, then, means more than just making sure to learn what the leading marketers are doing for their own clients and imitating them. It also means becoming more capable of independence and self-sufficiency with regard to the formulation of strategy. While the industry can seem a little harsher and more competitive than in the past, then, it is also a place where the most ambitious can thrive.

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