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There are several different types of pillow stuffing. The most common is polyester fill, which has the highest density of any type of stuffing. It is also hypo-allergenic, so there is no risk to people who suffer from allergies, or respiratory issues. It is comfortable and cost-effective. Most pillows are stuffed with polyester fill, including bed pillows, throw pillows, seat cushions, and back support cushions. Memory foam is another stuffing and is mostly found in bed pillows. It is designed to cradle the head while supporting the neck and shoulders. This foam is firm and can take a bit of time to get used to, especially if a person has been using a soft and fluffy pillow.

Down is another type of stuffing used, and it has a few variations. It is not hypo-allergenic, so it cannot be used by everyone. Synthetic down is an alternative that gives the support of real down, but is hypo-allergenic like polyester fill. Real down is described using numbers that reflect the percentage of goose and duck feathers used. Some king size pillow are 10/90, while others can be 25/75, or 50/50. That means a 10/90 pillow, for example, is made of ten percent is filled with goose feathers, and ninety percent is filled with brown duck feathers. In a 50/50 pillow, the split is even between the two types of feathers.

The more goose feathers there are in a pillow, the higher the price for that pillow. Those can get expensive quickly, unless customers can find wholesale pillow inserts. There are some available online by the case through a company called PillowCubes. Orders of 24 or more cases require a commercial address, but the general public can get cases of pillows at wholesale pricing.

Other designer quality pillow inserts are available with an Eco-friendly recycled stuffing. The stuffing is made from recycled plastic fiber. The unbleached cotton fabric cover uses less chemicals in the manufacturing process, so the color is not bright white. All pillows, regardless of their size or stuffing are 100% made in America. They are flattened and vacuum sealed to save on shipping costs. The shapes available are round, square, rectangle, and bolstered. These pillow inserts are perfect for people who are crafty and like to make decorations, gifts, or sell pillows at craft fairs. Knitters, quilters, and people who crochet or sew, often make unique covers for pillows. Covers can be customized, have all kinds of patterns or fabric, and be made for birthday, wedding, or baby shower gifts.

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