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Raising money for a charitable organization can be difficult at times. Although supporters freely admit that a group does nothing but good works in the community, they may not want to contribute financially on a steady basis. This presents a situation where non-profit organizations must earmark their meager financial resources into fundraising activities, without losing sight of why they came into existence in the first place. Traditionally these fundraising drives involved telephone calls, door-to-door campaigns and letters sent to long-time advocates. While this worked in the past, there are newer and video production contract more creative methods to get one's point across to others.

Having a video produced and directed to illustrate what a charity does for those in need is a wonderful way to introduce newcomers to the organization. The video can be shot during several weeks or at one particular period of time. It may begin with a look back at how a municipal problem was dealt with in the past. This can be anything from a description of the need for local food banks or animal rescue organizations. An experienced filmmaker will use newly shot video segments, along with archival film and voice-over narration.

The video might then show how the work of a few dedicated employees has made a definite difference in the lives of the people or animals they assist. It will also be interesting to speak with the many devoted volunteers that generously give of their personal time. When directed and produced by a professional video team, this presentation will resemble a high-budget television documentary. After every shot has been chosen for the visual story it conveys, editing and background music will be added to bring the video project to completion.

A video that displays the hard work and perseverance of a non-profit organization immediately gets a positive response. A group may wish to screen it for their supporters or show it at a regularly scheduled dinner or upcoming event. Local television stations and online media outlets should additionally be approached. They may wish to showcase segments of the video on an upcoming newscast or install a link to it from their company web page. If placed on social media sites like YouTube or Facebook, a single video will easily get thousands if not millions of views within a relatively short period of time. For more information, visit the team at Tinker Taylor on their website at tinkertaylor.

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