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There are those who insist that only a charcoal grill will do when it comes to producing the best in backyard cooking. No matter how many studies and experiments contradict this point of view, the elemental nature of a charcoal fire means that this kind of fuel will always have its fans.

As many people know, though, an best gas grills under $500 can deliver some pretty incredible results, and it can often do so in a much more convenient way. While it might take a little more in the way of expertise in order to coax the same kinds of results out of gas grills, few impartial people really doubt that they can do work every bit as good as those that burn charcoal.

All that it typically takes, in fact, is being aware of and following a few simple barbecue tips. One of these is that adding more in the way of smoky flavor to cooked meats and the like is just as easy to do with gas as with charcoal. While charcoal, particularly of the lump variety, will normally impart a special flavor of its own, gas makes it simple to add a smoky touch of any desired kind and do it in a much more targeted and controlled fashion.

In order to produce top of the line bbq, most experts recommend wood chips that are first soaked before being used. For fast, direct-heat grilling, mesquite can be an excellent choice, as its intense smoke produces a lot of flavor in a very short time. For things like roasts that will be grilled at lower temperatures for longer, woods that produce subtler smoke, like cherry, oak, or apple, can be excellent choices.

Once those chips have been soaked, they simply need to be placed into a perforated aluminum foil packet. That packet can then be set on a heat spreader or other convenient source of heat and allowed to smolder and emit the desired smoke into the grill.

In a matter of minutes, then, even someone with a gas grill can easily arrange for plenty of great, smoky flavor. Couple that approach with the best gas grill from broil king or another top vendor, and charcoal-beating results are hardly difficult to imagine or produce. While charcoal will always have its fans, the reality is that gas has an incredible amount to offer, too, especially for those who are willing to learn the ins and outs of the fuel.

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