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Illinois personal injury laws indicate that all victims are required to file a claim before the second anniversary of their accident. This statute applies to all cases in which the county, city, or state aren't the dependents. All claims against government, county, or state officials are limited to a one year statute.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

The most common personal injuries cases are automobile accidents. Claims are filed in these cases when the at-fault driver fails to comply with applicable laws. Under Illinois insurance laws, all drivers must purchase at least liability insurance. The policies must cover at least $25,000 for each injured individual with a maximum of $50,000. They should also provide at least $20,000 for property damage.

Since Illinois is a fault state, the driver who is accountable for the accident files a claim with their insurer. The reason that a personal injury claim is filed is to collect from drivers who didn't file their insurance claim. However, an additional claim is filed if the policy doesn't cover the full cost of the victim's injuries or property damage. Victims who need to file a claim should contact lake county lawyers today.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Under Illinois personal injury law, patients have the right to file a claim based on the failures of physicians. These failures include misdiagnosis, prescribing inadequate medication, or when an injury is produced. A misdiagnosis case identifies a condition that wasn't discovered at an early stage. This indicates that the doctor used outdated medical testing or refused to perform tests that could have identified the condition sooner. Misdiagnosis could prevent the patient from acquiring the correct medication to fight the illness.

Medical injuries identified in these cases are occurrences that could have been avoided. In these proceedings, a physician testifies to identify how the course of action chosen by the defendant lead to the injury. Their testimony shows how a physician with the same training and experience would have prevented the injuries by making different choices.

Products Liabilities Cases

In a products liability case, a consumer sustained an injury by using items released to the public. The likely implications of these cases are inadequate labeling, known risks that weren't identified, or a flaw in production. The key to these cases is to prove that the manufacturer was aware of the risks or that inspectors didn't catch the flaw before it was released.

Victims of personal injuries should act quickly to file a claim. These cases require in-depth research to prove the validity of the claim. Any victims who wish to begin a claim should contact the Lake Cook Law Group or visit Lake County Lawyers today.

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