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Because a large portion of the wedding budget will be spent on the reception, couples want to make sure they get the most for their investment. The wedding reception is a very special event in the life of a couple. The wedding reception happens after the wedding ceremony is complete and the couple is officially married. The atmosphere should be tastefully festive and appropriate for a wide range of people. There will be family, friends, and business associates with a wide variety of interests and beliefs. The reception should be enjoyable for grandmothers and grandfathers, young nieces and nephews, bosses, parents, other relatives, and both the bride's and groom's friends of all ages.

A good wedding reception venue will have a very attractive, well-managed building with a range of services available. The best wedding reception tables locations have a choice of wedding reception spaces available to accommodate different budgets and sizes of wedding parties. The Belvedere Events and Banquets Venue offers a choice of four spaces including the grand ballroom, suite III &IV, suite II, and suite I. One of these spaces may be perfect for a couple's wedding reception. It is an advantage to have hotel accommodations adjoining or near the reception site. This venue can set up blocks of rooms for the guests just down the hall.

The best wedding receptions are held at venues that are set up for all the important parts of the reception. Important parts of a wedding reception include a receiving line, the couple's grand entrance, great food and drink, toasts to the bride and groom, dancing to great music, entertainment and a well planned departure of the bride and groom. The food has to be impressive, good tasting, and within budget. Celebrity drinks have to appear generous while avoiding drunken guests and staying on budget. An event coordinator furnished by the Belvedere can be a great help to the couple as they plan the reception. This professional can help plan the menu, decor, schedule of events, booking the space, and other details that could be missed in the busy pre-wedding rush.

When the couple has planning help as well as an attractive wedding reception venue, they won't have to worry about their guests having a good time. An elegant setting sets the mood for a wonderful party. The guests complete the celebration with their well-wishes and personalities. The right place, the best guests, great food and drink, and fun entertainment all contribute to a great wedding reception. For more information, please go to wbelvederebanquets.

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