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Text informs, but video inspires. That realization is now spreading through the digital marketing industry, producing a whole host of impressive results along the way. What had formerly started to seem like a somewhat stagnant sector, then, is now undergoing something of a revolution.

The use of video to provoke viewers into a targeted kind of action, of course, is nothing new at all. Television advertisements had been a standby of the marketing world for many years, with many companies devoting more of their resources to these projects than marketing efforts of any other kind. The best television advertisements of all, in fact, frequently became part of the common cultural treasure trove, with clever slogans and well-shot scenes taking root in society's shared imagination.

That means that there are plenty of experienced video production experts who are ready to lend a hand with video marketing online, too. Companies like video production rates have often been involved with the basic efforts for decades or more, and most of what they have learned throughout is directly applicable to marketing online.

As detailed at Tinker Taylor some adjustments do typically need to be made, though. While television advertisements were typically confided to thirty-second windows, online videos can stretch a little longer without worry. At the same time, studies have found that the attentiveness of viewers tends to dwindle over spans much longer than a minute, so keeping things short and sweet is still often a good idea.

Another issue is that online video viewers tend to be even more capricious than those watching television. While the remote control was a constant threat to marketers who sought to keep their audiences in place, online users are even more likely to turn away from material that doesn't interest them.

That means that companies like Tinker Taylor have to make an extra effort to provide something of real value. Just as with television advertising, that can just as easily be a simple bit of humor as a life-changing piece of knowledge, and spots of the former kind are just as richly represented at Tinker Taylor as those of the latter.

The important thing to realize is that attention is just as valuable to those who possess it as those who want to leverage it for their own purposes. With relatively basic considerations like these taken into account, enjoying the power of online video marketing is simply not that difficult to do.

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