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No one is prepared for a traumatic event. After the investigation has ended, they are even less prepared for cleaning up the mess. Police, medics, and investigators only remove the body and evidence. They are not responsible for decontaminating the premises. This is when it is time to call in a specialized service, such as crime scene investigator education, to help make the area sanitized and livable once again.

Violent Crimes

One of the main jobs of a crime scene cleanup service is washing away the signs of a violent crime. After the body has been removed, there will still be blood and other bodily fluids left behind. A specialized remediation team will begin cleaning up the area by evaluating the extent of the damage. They know that blood can spread between the floorboards and into cracks on the walls. Since blood is considered a biohazard, the crew will wear protective suits during the entire process. Porous materials are often thrown out, while other items are cleaned and sanitized using hospital grade disinfectants. The crew will also block off other areas of the property, to avoid cross-contamination during the cleanup process.

Unattended Deaths

One of the most common reasons a biohazard remediation crew is called is due to an unattended death. It is not uncommon for a person to pass away alone and not be discovered for several days or weeks. By the time loved ones realize what has happened, the body is in a full state of decomposition. After the coroner removes the deceased person, the location is still contaminated. A cleanup service is needed to sanitize the entire area, being sure to remove signs of decomposition, including maggots and released bodily fluids. Odor, however, is perhaps the biggest problem after an unattended death. The remediation team will work to clean out air ducts, remove carpet, and use filters to deodorize the air.


One of the most heartbreaking situations for any person to endure is suicide. Not only is the family shocked about wait just occurred, but they are left with the task of cleaning the scene after the investigation is complete. Cleaning up the aftermath is often too emotionally painful for any person to attempt. It is better to leave suicide cleanup to a professional remediation service. Depending on the method of death, the area may be quite messy. A professional cleaning company will remove any traces of blood. They will be thorough to make sure no evidence of trauma is left behind.

In the event that a traumatic incident occurs, a crime scene cleanup service should be called when the investigators leave. Violent crimes, unattended deaths, and suicide are all reasons a biohazard remediation company is needed. They will decontaminate and deodorize the premises, making it a little bit easier for loved ones to cope with the situation.

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