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A dog may be man's best friend, but it's important to pick out the right one. Taking a few relatively simple steps can help make sure you choose the right one out of all the Puppies for Sale NYC has to offer.

Do Your Research

Before starting to look into Westchester Puppies, look into the descriptions of the various types of dogs and what types of care they require. For example, some dogs need daily walks or daily brushing. Some are happiest with plenty of space and lots of time spent playing outdoors. Those who live in small apartments and are away most of the day may not want to consider the German Shepard Puppies for Sale Westchester NY has to offer. A smaller dog may be a better choice. Some dogs also make better choices for families with children than others. A little time researching the various potential choices ahead of time can help people avoid choosing the wrong breed.

Make Sure to Use a Reputable Breeder

Say you're ready to check out the various saint bernard puppies for sale has to offer. It's important that you purchase the dog from a responsible breeder. This type of breeder will make sure the dog is sound and that it has an appropriate temperament. The breeder will make sure that the dog is well suited for the family and that it has all the required papers and medical checks. While there, ask to see the mother of the puppy to make sure she is healthy, and check that the dog has been vaccinated and screened for diseases common in the breed.

Look for a Healthy Pet

Regardless of the breed, there are some signs of a healthy dog to look for. Choose an active one that has a smooth gait, straight legs, and a bright and shiny coat without any bare or inflamed places. It should have no trouble breathing, it's ear canals should be clean, and it's eyes should be bright. By the age of 8 to 12 weeks, when a puppy should be ready for purchase or adoption, it should no longer have a soft spot, it's gums should be pink and healthy looking, and it should have a cool and moist nose that doesn't have nostrils that collapse with each breath.

Check for Good Social Skills

Finally, you'll want to look for a pet that has good social skills. When watching the puppies play with each other, look for one who is happy being on either the top or the bottom when wrestling, who likes to play with the other pups, and who eases up when another puppy yelps or makes it clear that the play is getting too rough. Check to see if the pup seems to enjoy being around a variety of different people as well, such as men, women and children, as this type of pup may be more likely to get along with all types of people as they get older.

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