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  • aiuklg

    About me: ...ir classroom, creative ideas and more. It's not just about reading the book and taking a test, it's about actually learning all of the material. Creativity gets the students interested...

  • kelifaai

    About me: A company's sales have steadily fallen, but their advertising team's creativity has not. What happened? Shoppi...ncy Melbourne, supports a company's brand development with a blend of creativity and strategy. Mindful of a co...

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    • Create a cultural / creative social network where people hold the center. There, people around the world could put videos that express different cultural realities. This would serve to Kultiva to collect information. In addition, the different agents involve (LinkedIn type) • U...

    Tags: social network, Innovation per user, Cultural Caravan, design, creativity, creative aging, Kultiba, Hasi Hazia

  • Mandarina Kreativa

    Our group, as a response to the challenge, proposed an idea that meets the three main objectives (awareness of Basque culture in Europe, to know the reality of its cultures and know their experiences, and boost the mobility of our creators and creative); To do this, we propose the construction...

    Tags: social networking, mobility, European culture, design, creativity, Gerediaga, Mandarina Kreativa