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The contest A CREATIVE IDEA FOR CREATIVE USE TRANSCREATIVA is organized by the European project TRANSCREATIVA, and aims to promote youth participation in the design of ideas to improve the search and access to employment in the creative industries.
To enter the contest you need to do it in the TRANSCREATIVA Portal (virtual hub) WWW.TRANSCREATIVA.EU
Please read carefully the terms and conditions of the contest before participating.

1. Objectives of competition

The aim of the competition is to encourage youth participation in designing ideas for improving search and access to employment in the creative industries. For this, the competition seeks to give value to ideas and proposals generated by enabling young people to break the barriers to youth employment in the sector of cultural and creative industries.
The contest will highlight the important role of social innovation and good practice of social integration for groups with difficult access to employment and encourage young people to be in constant search of attractive proposals for their professional future.

2. General conditions

All those people who are aged between 18-30 and are in active job research may participate. Participants may submit as many ideas as they wish, both individually and collectively. If a participant decides to submit more than one idea and will be a finalist in several of them, the participant is entitled to one prize.
The proposed ideas are original from the contestants. They can be improved or new ideas to implement, develop or adapt to the context the proposal of the contest, but copied ideas will not be accepted.
Participants can submit the proposal for the period specified under Article 4.
Proposals must be submitted by VIRTUAL HUB platform TRANSCREATIVA project in one of the four project languages (Basque, Castilian, French, Portuguese).
Members and partners of the TRANSCREATIVA project are not allowed to participate in the contest.
If necessary, participants of the contest will be contacted using the data provided by the participant. The contest organizers are not responsible for any errors in the data provided.

3. Prizes

The contest will award a maximum of 15 for the 15 best ideas according to the criteria of the jury. The award, 15 tablets Dual Energy Tablet s10, will be presented at the event's closing day TRANSCREATIVA project November 28, 2014 after verifying that the participant duly meets all terms and conditions of the contest.

4. Deadlines and registration

Registration for the Contest A CREATIVE IDEA FOR A CREATIVE USE is free and may only be done via web through the registration form. The deadline for submitting projects is November 27 at 23.00 (GMT +1).
The start date for submitting proposals is November 17 at 12.00 (GMT +1).
The closing date for submitting proposals is November 27th at 23h.
The publication of the finalists and winners is the day November 28, 2014.

5. Selection process

1. The contest will propose a challenge to participants that they will have to respond by the deadline in paragraph 4.
2. Participants must submit your proposal through the Contest registration page A CREATIVE IDEA FOR A CREATIVE USE. Those interested should fill the space for the answer in the section of the Virtual HUB CONTEST TRANSCREATIVA.
3. It is necessary that participants briefly explain what their idea may well attach an explanatory graphic or image.
4. The jury will evaluate the different ideas received with particular emphasis on originality, innovation, impact, sustainability and quality of the proposed idea considering the use of new technologies, the social value and the real opportunities to bring out that idea.
5. The jury will announce the winners on November 28 on page Virtual HUB and TRANSCREATIVA website.

6. Jury and Assessment Criteria

A jury consisting of members of TRANSCREATIVA consortium and companies in the creative sector will judge the ideas.
The prizewinners will be those that best meet the requirements listed below. The four requirements to be taken into account when the decision of the finalists are:
▪ Degree of innovation, considering innovation as the ability to give an original approach to the proposed access to employment in the creative industries in a given context. This is to provide an idea for breaking the barriers of access to businesses in order that young people seeking employment have the opportunity to be evaluated by companies to collaborate on projects and activities aimed at obtaining employment.
• Potential impact, defined as the number of young people and companies with the proposed idea can find meeting space to overcome barriers access to employment in the creative sector (companies, institutions and cultural organizations). Aspects such as the use of new technologies, entrepreneurial skills and the ability to overcome barriers to employment will be evaluated.
▪ Viability of the proposal, understanding the viability and ability to transform the idea into a real and affordable to the public for which it has been formulated process. It is understood that viability is to facilitate disruption of existing barriers to youth employment in the creative industry.
The evaluation criteria are the following scale:
Degree of innovation: 40%
Potential impact: 40%
Viability of the proposal: 20%.

7. Propiedad intellectual

The ownership of the ideas proposed in the competition and their implementation, including intellectual property rights, become the property of the entrant.
Without prejudice to the foregoing paragraph, the contestant entitles TRANSCREATIVA to display, publish, reproduce, translate and communicate the idea and results in any means it deems appropriate, provided they do not breach their confidentiality obligations or existing intellectual property rights.
Taking part with a concrete idea liable to the participant to know that this idea is not subject to any copyright and do not in any way infringe the intellectual property of an already registered or, failing that idea states that authorized explicit for submission to the contest.
The contest organizers are not responsible for the disputes between persons claiming the intellectual property of one of the ideas submitted for the contest will be made.

8. Confidentiality and Dissemination

The TRANSCREATIVA project commits to maintain the confidentiality of those ideas that are not awarded. TRANSCREATIVA also be free to spread the competition and report on its participants and can quote the authors of these ideas.
Personal data received from participating TRANSCREATIVA be included in an automated file owned and treated in accordance with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

9. Acceptance of these terms

Participating in the Contest A CREATIVE IDEA FOR A CREATIVE USE. Transcreativa implies full acceptance of these rules and the jury, whose interpretation is for the staff members.
Any attempt failure to meet deadlines or procedures reflected in these rules deprive the participant of the prizes.