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Importance Of Personal Branding In Recruitment Process

The competitive environmenthas opened variety of career opportunities for the competent workforce. But, there is a cut throat competition and it is a great challenge to sustain in the rat race. When the company announces its requirement for a particular position, the HR department receives hundreds or thousands of applications for even a single position. The company has lot of options available and in such circumstances the scrutiny from company becomes tough so as the competition among the candidates. In this circumstance, personal branding plays a crucial role. In today's world, no one is going to praise you, or do not wait for someone who will come and explain your qualities. The person himself has to exhibit his/her qualities and competence for the job. The qualities further should be presented very skilfully. While presenting the qualities the person should not be boastful or exaggerated in presenting his/her qualities. Presenting yourself effectively and convincing the recruiter how you are the most eligible candidate, is known as Personal branding.
In the interview, the candidate comes across a common question and that is "Why should we hire you?" Remember, it is a very good opportunity given to you by the company to exhibit your skills, knowledge and experience. Some people tend to take this question negatively and it culminated into the failure. Read the case below: