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It is a smart couple, and one on the pathway to success, that decides early-on in their wedding planning to hire a professional wedding photographer prices to capture their wedding-day memories. In doing so, they deftly avoid the fiasco that ensues when "Uncle Arthur" and his expensive new camera assume the task of capturing the wedding, which was a a great, economical idea, right up until he discovered the open bar. They also avoid the equally disappointing results that tend to accompany the groom's college roomate's friend's friend's brother who "just loves" taking pictures, but who has absolutely no idea what the typical sequence of events in a wedding is supposed to be.

Three cheers to this couple that has made the correct decision. Now their task becomes simply selecting the right Wedding Photographer for their tastes, and for their particular event. The following are important considerations when choosing a wedding photographer.

Skill – As much as anything, a particular photographer's ability to deliver on his promises has everything to do with deciding whether or not to hire him. Photographic skill can be determined by looking at samples of his or her work (the more, the better), by interviewing others who have used his services, and by speaking with area wedding venues, suppliers, directors and more. In seeking samples of a photographer's work, try to see not just the best of his or her work, but rather, a representative sample of the last few clients serviced.

Experience– It takes time to build a body of knowledge large enough to handle a myriad of different circumstances and situations. Not all brides are alike, and working well with them and the occasionally tense family arrangements that are encountered at many weddings takes time and practice, as well. It also takes a great deal of time and study to develop a working understanding of how various types of weddings flow. Good photographers are always prepared for what happens next.

Style– Photographic style is something of an individual preference, and what best suits one person won't necessarily be what the next one desires. For example, some women prefer a very old-fashioned style, complete with family groupings at the altar following the ceremony, pancake swirled bridal portrait, and individual portraits framed in a traditional leather album. Others prefer a edgier, photo-journalistic look to their portraits, and do not wish to be bothered by the photographer. Instead, it is his job to simply be the unnoticed observer, who captures the entire event using a long lens, from afar.

Regardless of individual preferences as to album design or portraiture style, the one thing every couple needs to remember is to hire a bona fide professional along the lines of say, James Bennett (jamesbennett), primarily so they're able to rest where that one element of wedding preparedness is concerned. When the last light is extinguished, the cake no more, the last flower-girl petal swept away, professional photos will bring the day back again, in glorious memory.

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