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Mobile marketing is the new thing in marketing and marketing consultant firms it is doing extremely well. Everywhere you turn you will see a smartphone. Yes, some are playing games or texting but most are online. Now companies realize just how important mobile marketing is to their success. Choosing a Marketing Firm to take on this aspect of your marketing plan is important. Here are some other things to keep in mind with mobile marketing.

Responsive Design. In many sites, when accessed from mobile devices, the content is not correctly displayed (texts and images do not fit the screen) and navigation becomes a complicated task for the user.

It is essential to have a website adapted for mobile devices (web responsive), not only for proper display but because, Google will start penalizing people starting June 2, 2015. Content adaptation is also important. Users do not want to find the same content when browsing from a computer than they do from a Smartphone or mobile device. Users invest considerable time in reading complex and detailed articles on a computer, however when a user navigates to a mobile device they usually expect to find much shorter, concise and visual content.

There are multiple platforms that allow targeted advertising campaigns for mobile devices only. Among them, we can find Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube, Bing, etc. If you know what the profile of your potential customer is and their behavior online, digital advertising is a very useful option to take into account. Even QR codes can help your case out. With QR code generation, you can offer your prospects discount coupons for future purchases on your website.

Email Marketing is another very interesting strategy to implement. Many users open their email daily from their mobile devices so it can become a very useful tool for attracting and retaining potential customers. In the event that your business has a physical store open to the public, it would be very interesting to use geolocation platforms that will facilitate better local positioning. Examples include Google Places, Foursquare, QDQ Guide, Facebook Places or Yelp.

Creating an app is a very interesting strategy to implement since, the relationship that the user adopts with the company brand is usually far-reaching. Experts encourage all companies interested in the development of its online business to implement the necessary changes in its marketing strategy to encompass the mobile market, which is undergoing tremendous growth. For more info, contact your local Marketing firms in Alexandria VA today.

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