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When a person schedules an appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist, it is because they need their smile restored, transformed or repaired. Though cosmetic dentistry is often considered to provide elective treatments, some cosmetic dental procedures are needed to restore normal function to the teeth or jaws. An appointment with the dentist does not have to be a source of nervousness if one knows what to expect. Allow this information to be informative on what patients can expect to occur during their first consultation appointment.

Before the patient sees the cosmetic dentist, they will need to provide a health history. The health history is crucial because it provides the dentist with important information on any health concerns the patient has, the medications they take and cosmetic dentistry tampa what surgeries they have had. This information allows the dentist to ensure any treatments that are planned for the patient will not cause any health concerns or interactions with medications.

Most dentists will have the patient X-rayed before they are examined. Panoramic X-rays are now being used in dental offices across the country because they allow the dentist to see the the full scope of the teeth and jaws from a wide degree angle. This film captures an image of the entire mouth so the dentist can see if there are any issues with malformations, injuries or other issues that may need to be treated.

A thorough examination will occur next so the dentist can see firsthand if there are any cosmetic concerns. The dentist will talk with the patient to determine their concerns and will then draw up a plan of treatment so the patient can finally receive the smile appearance they have always longed for.

There are many types of treatments a dentist can offer to help patients overcome cosmetic concerns that cause them to feel ashamed of their smile appearance. Teeth whitening can be performed to remove deeply embedded stains. The dentist can also cover unsightly, damaged teeth with a crown. For those with extensive cosmetic concerns, there are porcelain veneers that can be adhered over the teeth so any cosmetic concerns are completely covered.

If you are unhappy with your appearance because your smile does not look as beautiful as you would like, there is help to be found through a cosmetic dental office. For more information on the services available, contact Betty Jo Schope DDS through Schope Dental. With a consultation appointment you can learn more about the treatments that can dramatically improve your smile.

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