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Take a look at a typical business card. If the business has a physical office somewhere, that address should be prominently displayed. That address offers some insight into the prestige of the business. New York City has its own hierarchy of social status. An address in Manhattan delivers are far different impression than one in the Bronx. London has its own breath of boroughs that can establish some serious prestige and value to the business. These include Cardiff, Euston, Waterloo, and many others.

The Physical Address Says a Lot

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of finding a temporary office space. The address is not just a physical location- though it is obviously that. It is a disclaimer of the quality of the business and what it potentially brings to the table. Clearly it is up to the business to deliver on the promises of its suggested prestige. But, that address could be the little decision that takes one client to reach out to one business over another when all other things are perceived equal.

The Best of the Best UK Districts

Where are the best Serviced offices? There is no comprehensive ranking, but many would state that Liverpool and Waterloo are the two most esteemed district. Cardiff is also considered in the top three. Towards the bottom end of the list would be districts such as St Paul's and Farringdon, as well as Euston. These two districts are very highly regarded, but they cannot always compete with the international acclaim and authority seen in the main business district of Waterloo, for example. No matter the city location of the office, they are all within walking distance of public transportation. All the offices are also fully furnished and ready for board meetings, guest clients, and community-driven organizations.

At the end of the day, it is all about esteem. In this highly competitive business world, the location of the office could be a major indication of what the business can offer. It is possible for a small business to gain a major advantage by being positioned right in the heart of a very successful and prestigious neighborhood. Take a look at any one serviced office to rent in London and the surrounding areas. There is something to be said about a small business that has a great product, and a phenomenal location right in the epicenter of the UK business world.

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