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Anyone who has bought or sold a home understands how frustrating and confusing the process can be. It can also be expensive once all of the commissions, closing costs and other assorted fees are considered. This can lead people to want to buy or sell on their own with their next home, a decision that can lead to numerous problems and higher costs than they ever expected.

The reality is that real estate agents do a lot to help homeowners save money. They save their clients time and money by tracking down the perfect find a house for sale that matches their wish list. They negotiate with the buyers and sellers to get their clients the best deal possible. They also ensure that all of the paperwork is in order and that research has been done properly. This reduces the risk of any nasty surprises regarding deeds or other issues once the sale is final.

When you are ready to place a house on sale the realtors are the ones who can help you to price the home appropriately. This will avoid not getting the profit you were due by under-pricing it and it will avoid having the home languishing on the market because you have unwittingly overpriced it. They are also experts at what buyers are looking for, so their tips about painting, cleaning or staging could be the details that help the house sell faster.

It is tempting to buy a home listed as for sale by owner. In some of these instances people are more motivated and therefore willing to take a lower price than they may have been if they were working with a real estate agency. They problem is that you will often be dealing with paperwork created by them or their attorney, all written to protect their interests. You may need to hire an attorney of your own to ensure that your rights are met. You may also need to pay for an appraisal and home inspection out of your own pocket. These expenses can add up quickly, prevent you from saving any money and you may still not as protected as you would be if you had a professional guiding you along the way.

It is much more cost-effective today to hire real estate agents to represent you in a home buying or selling transaction. Some real estate agents are now offering discounted commissions, set rates for their services or even advice and assistance entirely for free. Before you make a decision you will regret, check out all of your options first.

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