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A baseball pitching mound is infinitely important to any pitcher at any level. They give pitchers an unobstructed view of the plate and provide traction for them to plant and extend their legs after a pitch. Portable mounds are used to help players practice at home and at other places outside of the playing field. Purchasing a portable mound is desirable for most pitchers, but economically impossible for some. Fortunately, there are ways of making a portable mound that will meet regulation standards.

The rules and regulations of baseball vary from one location or league to another. but major league standards seem to work for most every level of play. A major league-standard mound can be seen as the pitching screen. These have a top that is 10 inches higher than the playing ground with a diameter of 18 feet and a 59 foot gap between the center and the back of the home plate. When a person is placing a purchased portable pitchers mound or making their own, they must find a place in their yard where it can be placed to meet the requirements of its measurements. Garden stakes can be placed around the circle where the mound will rise, and placed in the circle's center.

After the spot for the mound is marked, the builder can add pitching rubber 18 inches behind the center of the surface of the mound. A space should be dug between the garden stakes to support the area of the mound, then filled with flat stones or bricks. Then, a sand, clay and other soil mixture should be added to decrease the need for landscaping, and offer even more support to the mound area.

After the mound area is secure, the builder can go about making or buying a portable mound. The mound builder should ensure that their mound is the exact same size, and has the exact same slope as the one used in the major leagues. The slope is important because it ensures that the pitcher has a slanted view of the field, and it also makes it easier for the pitcher to run towards home plate when necessary. However, ensuring the slant of the mound is just right is not needed for those who purchase the most advanced practice mound from sellers like RFP Mounds. Sellers like these have mounds that have the right slant, and are the right fit every time.

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