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Deciding on a summer day camp to put a child in can seem like an almost impossible feat. However, some parents have it easier than others. Those who have sent their children to day camp in previous years don't need to endlessly ponder over the safest environment, the best programs, or the most stimulating activities for their child. They most likely will send their children to the same camp, to similar ones, or to ones older siblings have already attended. Parents who've never enrolled their children in day camp don't have these luxuries though; they must almost blindly figure out the best camp for their child.

There are some ontario summer camps that mimic the tradition of sleepaway camps, except for the "sleepaway" part. Children arrive at these camps in the mornings and spend the entire day there doing the same activities, and in the same environments as most sleepaways; with the only difference being that parents pick their children up in the evening. A good way to narrow down day camp choices is to choose a themed camp that matches a child's likes. Parents can even find some with day camp themes at town recreation departments, theaters, schools, and museums.

Once parents have figured out which day camp type will work best for their child they should ask themselves a few questions. First, they should ask if their child is ready for camp. If the child is asking to go, then they are most likely ready. Camp activities should be looked at, and parents should ask themselves what environment their child will thrive the most in. Does the child need structure, or can they thrive with a lot of free time?

Parents should also ask the day camps questions. For example, if it is a "commuter camp," ask how long the bus ride is, and how many counselors will be present during this ride. They should also ask how many counselors will be at the camp in general, and what their duties are and how they are performed. Finally, parents should speak to the camp's director and ask about the purpose and objectives of the camp, specifically what their goals for the children are.

When parents have collected all of the information they need from each of the potential camps, they should be able to make a decision. However, they will have to make a decision as quickly as possible, as most summer camps fill up fast, especially those like Badger Sports Club that are known for their activities and excitement. Parents can check out their club's activities at badgersportsclub.com/about-badger/gallery/. Some people may follow all of the rules for finding a great day camp for their child, while others may just go with the popular options in their area. However, it doesn't matter as long as parents choose a day camp that they, and their child can be happy with.

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