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Today's automotive digital marketing is about more than just search engine optimization. While SEO is still important and will remain so for the foreseeable future, the best marketing specialists have a whole lot more to offer. Whether that means strategic pay-per-click advertising campaigns that leverage unseen gaps in the market or innovative social marketing efforts, getting attention online today can involve more than just trying to get into the good graces of Google.

After years during which their popularity seemed to be on the decline, for example, pay-per-click advertising programs are now once again gaining steam. The difficulties that so many companies had with squeezing profitable opportunities out of them caused rates to decline, and smart marketers have been taking advantage.

That does mean that it takes some research and quite a bit of expertise to benefit, though. Whether the program in question is Google's AdWords, Facebook's popular offering, or some alternative, the most heavily trafficked keywords and busiest placements are still likely to be quite costly. In order to produce a rewarding return, then, it typically takes a little more in the way of investigation.

That often means searching for and focusing in on the kinds of long tail keywords that produce much less in the way of activity. That helps to keep rates down, as fewer potential advertisers bother delving so deep. At the same time, those who input these search terms are often more motivated to buy than other users are, meaning that their clicks can be worth quite a bit more to advertisers.

The same sorts of things, at least of an analogous kind, are happening on social networks, too. For years, many Digital Agency experts have sought to entice the kinds of mass audiences that seemed to hold the most overall promise for their clients. While this can be valuable to achieve, it is also frequently very difficult.

Sometimes, then, aiming a little lower and more specifically can make more sense. Representatives at Spargo Connect, for example, reported success with a campaign that produced a whole collection of new fans for a maker of commercial HVAC equipment. Instead of sticking to the generalities that competitors had already covered, the social push provided a lot of interesting new information about a particular style of compressor.

That produced real results, leaving the clients of the Digital Agency well pleased. By focusing and seeking out more targeted opportunities, then, it can be possible to achieve some large scale things in the marketing world.

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