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A full head of hair has traditionally be seen as a sign of beauty, virility and health. It is the thing that people concern themselves with first when checking themselves in the mirror. While there is a wide range of human hair textures and shades, admiring one's hairstyle still ranks as the ultimate compliment. Unfortunately for those individuals who experience hair loss, this is not to be. Their lack of hair can be due to medical treatments, conditions like alopecia or male pattern baldness that frequently occurs in middle age.

To counteract these obstacles, the hair salon industry has developed a varied assortment of hair replacement methods. By affixing additional extensions made from real and artificially produced hair, customers can leave their salons looking like they never experienced a bad hair day in their life. All it takes is a willingness to sit patiently while hair restoration techniques are at work, and a well trained hair stylist who understands the complexities of celebrity hair extensions.

Hair stylists have several tools at their disposal to attach new hair. One popular method allows them to bond pieces of hair to natural hair by use of clips or rings. One's natural hair then covers this small metal rings so extensions add thickness without detection. To create the appearance of long flowing locks, a stylist will add clip-on hair extensions to the top and back of the head. Once put in place, these clips can remain in place for several hours or days.

When adding hair for long term use, a stylist will use a technique known as "fusion." This means that they will use hot glue to add pieces of hair to a natural braid or knot. The glue creates a permanent bond that will only be released with a professional shampooing session. Another way to add hair to braids, is to hand sew hair extensions to natural braids that are arranged in "tracks." This takes longer and salon patrons must be able to proportion their time appropriately.

For a truly "Hollywood" look, hair stylists use net front hair pieces and wigs on their customers. These hair pieces feature sheer net fronts or "lacing" so they can be integrated onto one's head. This is possible with both human and synthetic hair extensions. With this type of weave, customers can regain a full head of hair in a less time consuming fashion. For more information visit Fabi Of Rome, a wethersfield ct hair salon that specializes in all things hair related.

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