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Bringing a new dog into the home is a wonderful, and expert dog training exciting time. It's also a time when dog training is important. Many new pet owners are so absolutely in love with this new, furry, adorable new family member that they ignore training. This is a huge mistake. Training Your Dog is imperative. Without proper training a dog can become unbalanced. This can result in bad behavior, or even aggressive behavior. Fortunately, there is plenty of expert dog training available to help. Read on for some helpful tips.

Train with kindness

While it's important to be the pack leader, it's equally important to be gentle with the dog. Never hit or scream at the dog. The dog should obey because you're a strong leader, not because of fear. Reward based training is very effective. With this type of training the dog is rewarded when it does what is expected. The use of treats and toys as positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog. Dogs love treats and toys, and they are willing to do a lot in order to get them.

Be consistent

It's important to have the same rules in place at all time. If the dog is allowed to jump on the sofa when one person in the house is home, and then not when someone else is in the home, the animal will become confused. Be sure that everyone is on the same page so there is no confusion and no mixed signals.

Don't expect too much too quickly

Training takes time. A dog will not become trained overnight. You may have to repeat lessons over and over again until they finally click. One day things will click and the dog will suddenly get it. Remain calm and keep at it. Be sure not to spend too much time training. Fifteen minutes per session are usually enough. Another good idea is to walk the dog before a training session. This burns off some of the dog's energy which makes the dog calmer and better able to pay attention.

Keep the above tips in mind before embarking on dog training. There is plenty of helpful advice about Dog training online. Remember to be consistent, reasonable, and above all else, keep the importance of training your dog gently. With proper training a dog is a wonderful addition to the family. When you take the time to provide proper training from the beginning the dog will be a great friend.

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