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  • A Best Reflection Of True Love

    blog about Jewellery - http://www.top-fiber.com/members/elouiseplayfor/activity/6908/. Monster Storage Sale as we speak...eted, the artwork is polished with corundum and again positioned in hearth to consoli...

  • How To Make Jewelry

    Joma Jewellery is a surprising vary of beautifully designed necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This Danon Jewellery is...completed, the art is polished with corundum and once more placed in fire to consoli...

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  • BIRA

    Communication plan for Dantzaz Konpainia It is envisaged a comprehensive communication plan (OFFLINE / ONLINE) through various actions: - Communication OFFLINE:   o Includes the creation of a new, more modern logo of Dantzaz Konpainia, which brings a more international image. ...

    Tags: Dance, brand, innovation, consolidate Dantzaz, activities, branding, communication, transfer, distribution, marketing, emotional marketing, Bira, Dantzaz