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  • marylandkpzz

    About me: ...transport the individual with mobility issues. Often these areas of...assistance, due to restricted mobility, for any reason. These may be...e fast and safe evacuation of mobility impaired people. Having evacu...t of an emergency evacuation. Mobility-impaired individuals account...

  • jonathanycys

    About me: ...Joint pain Whiplash Headaches Arthritis Knee pain Joint mobility issues A typical chiroprac...s, people can find relief from their pain and increase or regain their mobility. They can also learn how thei...

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  • Mandarina Kreativa

    Our group, as a response to the challenge, proposed an idea that meets the three main objectives (awareness of Basque culture in Europe, to know the reality of its cultures and know their experiences, and boost the mobility of our creators and creative); To do this, we propose the construction...

    Tags: social networking, mobility, European culture, design, creativity, Gerediaga, Mandarina Kreativa