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  • marielsnyb

    About me: ...rage unseen gaps in the market or innovative social marketing efforts, getting at...least of an analogous kind, are happening on social networks, too. For years, many Digit...es that competitors had already covered, the social push provided a lot of interes...

  • scotskpt

    About me: ...ttractive things about doing business online is how it can allow even the smallest businesses to establish a foothold and scale up from there. Social networks and online forums are filled...

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    • Create a cultural / creative social network where people hold the center. There, people around the world could put videos that express different cultural realities. This would serve to Kultiva to collect information. In addition, the different agents involve (LinkedIn type) • U...

    Tags: social network, Innovation per user, Cultural Caravan, design, creativity, creative aging, Kultiba, Hasi Hazia